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Architectural and interior design projects – especially large-scale projects – are characterised by a dynamic process. On the one hand because of the increase in numbers of construction projects. On the other hand because of the exceptional hygiene requirements due to the covid-19 pandemic. Thanks to their creative ideas, upmarket references and new products, Kusch+Co is always at the forefront of innovation.

Kusch+Co awarded with “Gold” at the German Brand Award 2024 for “Quality is irreplaceable”

“Gold” was awarded for “Quality is irreplaceable” in the category Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation: Brand Design – Product Brand.

With the principle “Quality is irreplaceable”, Kusch+Co stands for over 80 years of know-how in the creation and production of needs-oriented seating and space solutions.

German Brand Award is one of the most important German prizes for exemplary brand management, sustainable campaigns and exceptional marketing project.

With the German Brand Awards, the German Design Council honours personalities and companies that are pioneers in the world of brands and offers them a stage. They discover and present unique trends, the strongest campaigns, concepts and strategies in individual specialist disciplines. This year, winning “Gold” Kusch+Co outperformed the top-tier competition in the discipline "Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation". The jury selects only one “Gold” award winner per category for outstanding achievements within industry or discipline.

The award ceremony of the German Brand Award 2024 and the German Brand Convention took place on June 13, 2024 in Berlin. The award was received by Corinna Graf, Head of Marketing DACH, and Silvia Fuchs-Hochmuth, Graphic Design Team DACH.

„We are honoured that the brand strategy of Kusch+Co was distinguished with this prestigious prize – says Corinna Graf. – “Quality is irreplaceable” is our guiding principle, coined by the company’s founder Ernst Kusch. It is deeply rooted in our corporate policy and runs throughout all processes and divisions – it’s our motivation, which drives us to research and fulfil the needs of our customers, because the users are in the centre of our interests."

By awarding “Quality is irreplaceable” with “Gold”, the jury stated:
Kusch+Co is an internationally active manufacturer of high-quality seating furniture and room solutions in the private and public sectors, with the furnishing of airport waiting areas representing an important business segment worldwide. With more than 80 years of expertise, high standards of quality, functionality and an elegant, forward-looking design language, the brand has firmly positioned itself on the market. The fact that the needs of the users are always at the centre of the design of the collections is part of the outstanding brand strategy and is reflected not only in the timeless, iconic products, but also in the formally clear and clean corporate design, which adequately represents the range.

One of the most important international prizes
Initiated by Germany's design and brand authority and judged by a high-calibre panel of experts from the brand industry and brand science, the German Brand Award is the award for successful brand management in Germany.

The German Brand Awards competition is open to companies, agencies, service providers and marketers from all sectors worldwide. With a gross reach of around 315 million contacts annually, the German Brand Award is the marketing award with the widest reach in the German-speaking world and is becoming increasingly international. In the direct competitive environment, the German Brand Award ranks first nationally and second internationally.

Red Dot Design Award:
Product Design 2023 for Genaya!

Genaya by brodbeck-koepp design, one of Kusch+Co’s most eagerly awaited product launches, has already won recognition for its premium design quality! The entire product line has been honoured with The Red Dot Award: Product Design 2023!

The Red Dot Award is one of the world’s most prestigious international awards for product design, communication design and design concepts. The competition attracts companies and design studios from all over the world every year – their designs are scrutinised by the Red Dot Jury, international experts who examine a remarkable number of products during an evaluation process that lasts several days.

Only the most outstanding achievements in the field of design and innovation receive The Red Dot Label, which is now established internationally as one of the most sought - after seals of good design quality. 

“Kusch+Co’s collection of Red Dot awards is increasing, with the brand winning the award annually in recent years”, Karolina Manikowska, Nowy Styl and Kusch+Co Marketing Director, emphasises. “Last year, V-Care by Justus Kolberg received the Red Dot Award 2022, and now the upcoming Genaya range by brodbeck-koepp design has ticked all the right boxes and persuaded the Red Dot Jury. Kusch+Co’s product portfolio is expanded every year, but only top design quality launches that aspire to serve users and address their needs are added. The Kusch+Co brand is the icing on the cake in the Nowy Styl offering, and we attach supreme importance to its evolution.”

In recent years, the business environment has undergone more changes than ever. The new Genaya range was created to meet emerging requirements in offices and other public spaces, where good design and a pleasant, somewhat informal atmosphere matter. Genaya is ideal for welcoming, stylish spaces like reception areas, for meeting and brainstorming rooms like Connect&Create Spaces, and for chillout areas, VIP lounges and airport terminals, to name just a few. This modular soft seating is about creating infinitely versatile configurations, perfectly suited to any space regardless of its size.

“Genaya is our answer to the demands of our time. Reduced, simple, sustainable - yet we have not compromised on performance, usage and design requirements. Maximum diversity in terms of application and configuration options, minimal components and material costs”, says Veronika Köpp, the creative mind behind brodbeck-koepp design and Genaya designer.

“The Red Dot Award confirms that our product is innovative, designed according to highest standards and developed with attention to details. We are so proud to be appraised! – adds Cezary Janas, Nowy Styl and Kusch+Co Director of Product Management. - Genaya is comprehensive and versatile modular system that enables the user to create arrangements according to individual needs. Genaya allows to have sofas (linear or non-linear) or islands that perfectly suits not only to office spaces but also waiting rooms, reception areas and other public spaces, offering comfort and enjoyable environment.

Modularity and linearity – these are the key characteristics of Genaya. You can choose between short, closed or long and open configurations. Versions with or without backrests, standalone units, tables or panels – all is available for configurations.

We are glad to hear very positive feedback we have received after fairs and shows in the past months – this confirms, that we have developed the product, that exactly addresses the needs of our customers.”

As one of the winners, Genaya will appear in the Red Dot Design Yearbook and the Winners Section of the Red Dot website. The product will also be featured at a special exhibition, Design on Stage, in the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen from June 2023 to May 2024.

The Red Dot Gala award ceremony will take place in the Aalto Theatre at the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen on 19 June.

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