Delve into a diverse world of fabrics, leathers, plastics, metals, woods and other materials. Our multi-combination finishes are as varied as our customers themselves. Be it for offices, waiting areas and lounges or in care facilities or medical practices: our high standards of design and functionality have a major influence on the materials we use for our broad product portfolio. They reflect the specific needs of users, which in turn spurs us on to continuous enhancements. Be inspired by this wealth of functional and colour options!

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Our selection of fabrics and vinyls is characterised by a range of different textures, a broad colour spectrum and functional properties that have been created in collaboration with well-known manufacturers. Be it subtle hues or striking colours.

Be it subtle hues or striking colours – our range provides specific solutions to meet your needs as well as those of users. The sky is the limit: you decide whether to focus on visual aspects, such as texture and colour shade, or on properties relevant to reaction to fire and compliance with certain norms and specifications, or whether to base your choice on pricing. Why not familiarise yourself with our portfolio of fabrics and vinyls:

Our real - nappa and grain - leather coverings, which appeal in both visual and functional terms, are ideal for meeting high-end requirements. This premium material made from natural hides of European origin provides a stylish choice of colours. The leather is particularly easy to care for and meets the relevant regulations, for example relating to light and rub fastness.

No two plastics are the same – these materials can be used to create a range of different finishes, depending on the application, design and combination required. Be it with upholstery, in combination with wood or aluminium details or, for example, from the kuschmed® Hygienic Line, where a plastic with an anti-bacterial coating is used. The plastics can be weather-proofed, meaning they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Fire protection standards, such as DIN EN 1021, are factored in. Find out more about our range of plastic finishes for seating.

Seat shells and components made of polyurethane. Thoroughly robust, anti-bacterially treated polyurethane is used in several of our ranges, like V-Care and V-Travel seat shells.

Natural wood stains or colour stains can be combined on the seat and backrest of a chair, for example. Added to that are high-grade wood finishes, meaning that we offer a wide choice of materials and wood/colour shades.

We offer an extensive choice of laminates featuring natural patterns and plain colours as well as veneer finishes for tabletops. Our HPL laminates feature an anti-bacterial coating as standard. Added to this is a range of lipping options to match tabletop surfaces.

Powder-coated metal surfaces, which are available in various colours as well as with metal effects, can be superbly combined with plastic or wood details. Three different chromed finishes as well as three finishes with aluminium details are also available.

In this section, you will find complementary materials such as mesh backs or polyester felt for Papilio and Njord seating.