Kusch+Co on Stockholm Furniture Fair 2023: High level of design and simplicity in the service of sustainability

Stockholm Furniture Fair 2023 will take place on February 7-11, 2023. The Nude Edition, this year’s fair concept, will focus on sustainability and simplicity coupled with a high level of design – the ideas, that are deeply rooted in Kusch+Co. Nowy Styl and Kusch+Co will appear on a common stand (A10:20., Hall A).

Recycled and sustainable – the minimalist design of our stand on Stockholm Furniture Fair 2023 reduces the use of materials, reusing mdf blocks and fabrics made from recycled PET bottles. The effect will satisfy lovers of biophilic design and all those who live and create with care for the natural environment. Sustainability will be present not only on the stand, but also in our products.

The designers, who work with Kusch+Co, strive to minimize the use of raw materials such as wood, and to bring out its natural beauty. They always want to emphasize its origin and uniqueness, which makes nature the second designer of wooden furniture.

Highlights of the Kusch+Co stand at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2023:

Creva soft seating was designed to offer excellent comfort and high quality over a long period of use – the estimated life cycle of Creva amounts to 12 years. Being aware of the importance of the circular material use, Kusch+Co pays the greatest attention to the waste management and aims to reuse what exists. Creva soft seating is produced partly from recycled materials, and minimum of 90% of it is recyclable and can be reused.

Made of solid wood, Embla is bringing nature in. The chair balances contemporary presence and at the same time is rooted in the band’s history and tradition. It underlines wood as the very foundation of Kusch+Co. The chair beautifully highlights the natural material and enhances user’s well-being through the possibility of communing with nature.

Genaya - coming soon
s a design-wise product, Genaya is about creating infinitely versatile configurations. This modular soft seating was designed with focus on simplicity: it is reduced to the essentials in the number of parts and volume, it is also easy to combine, configure, disassemble, and return to the value chain in whole or in parts.

Nowy Styl and Kusch+Co will be ready to welcome you during the Stockholm Furniture Fair at stand A10:20.

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…and the Red Dot Design Award 2022 goes to V-Care!

Red carpet, world-famous designers and the real works of art – yes, for the world of design Red Dot Awards are like Oscars. With traditions that date back to the 1950s, this design competition, one of the world’s largest, gathers designers and manufacturers who would like to distinguish their business through design.

„This year I was particularly struck by the exceptional creativity displayed by the award-winning products. It is truly impressive and commendable that there are still designs that can surprise us with their form and functionality” - comments Peter Zec, founder and CEO of the competition.

Every year, the world of design holds its breath for jury deliberation. This year products from around 60 countries were carefully examined, and only the most outstanding achievements in the field of design were taken into account.

„Every year the jury is on the search for something completely fresh. We do not hesitate to experiment, venture into unusual solutions, or even bend the acknowledged rules. The fact that several dozen of international experts on the jury considered our V-Care as one of the most exceptional in the field of design is a strict proof that we took the right way for Kusch+Co portfolio development“ says Karolina Manikowska, Product Department Director for Kusch+Co brand.

V-Care, the Red Dot winner, was designed by Justus Kolberg, whose motto goes: “with sensitive intelligence to innovative simplicity”. While working on V-Care, Justus Kolberg drew inspiration from Nature. He paid high attention to the unique PU shell, the starting point and the central element of the chair, which harmonizes perfectly with a sleek frame.

For Kusch+Co it’s already the second “design Oscar” - Njord armchair, the real eye-candy, was honoured by several prestigious awards, Red Dot Award included.

V-Care is a new arrival in the Kusch+Co portfolio and a reflection of our human-centered approach to its design. V-Care’s name speaks for itself: „we care about your comfort“.

The premiere is coming soon!

New Berlin Showroom: A harmonic coexistence of contradictions – the new Nowy Styl and Kusch+Co showroom in Berlin.

The past and the present. The classic and the modern. Outstanding, yet blending in with the scenery. Eye-catching and timeless – our new showroom has it all. And more.

The past and the present
Where if not in Berlin? The walls of the city are so inseparably embedded in the history that they have become the symbol of the divided world, as it was. Today, the remains of the Berlin Wall tell the story of union, connection and coexistence. Alexanderplatz’s architecture juxtaposes social realism with modernity, and Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg is home to a multicultural atmosphere with an artistic and unconventional feel to it. No wonder that the heart of the district is where we have opened our new showroom, in a historic tenement surrounded by galleries which tell the story of the past, and hip cafes and restaurants which tell the story of modernity - ever in the making.

The classic and the modern
The new Nowy Styl and Kusch+Co showroom in Berlin welcomes you with the iconic Soley chairs (designed in 1983) and the freshest 2022 arrivals. This is a good test of timelessness: how well does the classic chair go with our latest products? And how will it match those that come in the future? The architects designing our showroom have accepted the challenge – to find out how they did and to enjoy the result, we encourage our visitors to come to the showroom every time we update our new arrivals zone.

The further you go, the more you experience: the blurred, white gallery promises an exhibition of chairs waiting in the depths of the showroom. But before you reach it, you will discover something that’s…

Outstanding, yet blending in with the scenery
Just like the abstract paintings by Thomas Pöllmann which make the perfect companion to the Arn and Vega armchairs in the Healthcare section, and the Colani Collection, which you just can’t miss.

Set in an open space, they look more like sculptures than seating. Yet, they are seats: an armchair and a lounge chair, placed just perfectly for our visitors to take a seat on their way to the kitchen and enjoy the view of a slim and elegant Comta table, accompanied by Creva stools, which are so…

Eye-catching and timeless
Like the legacy of the Kusch family, identifiable not only in every piece of Kusch+Co furniture but also, more literally, in the kitchen. Here, our visitors can sit on a Creva stool with a cup of coffee and look at a historic photo of Kusch+Co’s founders. Standing right in front of the Hallenberg factory we can see Ernst Kusch, his family and the first employees – they all started the story of Kusch+Co together, hand in hand, and their belief in quality, timelessness and perfection is still a strong argument for our clients.

There will be much more on every visit - that we can promise. Every visitor has an individual sense of aesthetics, different expectations, needs and desires. Some will treat our showroom like an art gallery, strolling through the hall and stopping by each of the iconic or modern pieces of furniture, then spending hours by our Creva desk and watching the exhibition of Volpino, Vega, Embla, Trio and ¡Hola! just to enjoy the design. Some will spend time discussing the details of their project, sitting in the Lupino chair in the Meeting Room. And some will study carefully every detail that deserves to be discovered, such as the terrazzo floor at the entrance, the building’s original flooring only slightly adapted for the needs of our showroom.

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Infocenter Hallenberg

Welcome to our Infocenter in Hallenberg

Seeing, touching, feeling – we cordially invite you to engage all your senses and discover the many facets of sitting.

That is because sitting always takes different forms. Be it waiting for longer periods, concentrating on your work, communicating with other people, relaxing or indulging in culinary delights – we have the right seating and tables for every public space and office application.

Our Infocenter Flyer gives you a flavour of what to expect. 

Just tell us when you would like to come along and howvielen many people are in your party. Secure Email

And if your schedule allows, you can also savour some of the delights of our attractive Sauerland region. Be it relaxing in your hotel or taking a dip in a nearby forest lake.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Infocenter soon.

Kusch+Co at Berlin Brandenburg Airport

Our fire prevention expertise and tailor-made seating have delivered interiors that appeal. New quality-of-stay standards have been set at Berlin Brandenburg Airport. You would be hard-pressed to find lounges that are more appealing. The planning concept used in Lounge Tegel and Lounge Tempelhof is based on careful zoning of different usages, such as reception, lounge, dining, rest areas and conference rooms, each featuring their own use of materials and colours. These exclusive lounges are undoubtedly an interior design highlight!

Creva desk wins award

The Creva product family is on a run. Following the “German Design Award 2021” for the Creva soft series, the table series Creva desk, designed by the Cologne-based designer team kaschkasch, has been distinguished for its excellent design quality. The international expert jury of the “Iconic Awards 2021 Innovative Interior”, an association owned by the German Design Council, awarded the distinction “Winner” to the series 6800 Creva desk in the category Furniture.

Creva soft award winner

Winner of the German Design Award 2021
We are happy to announce that one of our newest series has won the German Design Award 2021. The series 7900 Creva soft has received the “Special Mention” Award for “Excellent Product Design” in the category “Office Furniture”. Together with Florian Kallus and Sebastian Schneider from the design team kaschkasch, we are extremely happy about winning the “German Design Award 2021”. This much-coveted award ranks among the most renowned design prizes worldwide. Whoever is able to assert oneself against this stiff competition, has proven to be among the best in the furniture trade. A testimony to our work and to the good taste of our customers.

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Series 7900 Creva soft

Hygienic Solutions

We have something against viruses, microbes and co.
The COVID-19 pandemic is pushing everyone to rethink their hygiene concept. The risk of transmitting infections has never been higher than it is today.

Unsuited furniture may be one of the reasons. Standard-issue furniture usually features open-pored surfaces or inaccessible spots that make a thorough disinfection almost impos sible. Add to this fact that the upholstery compound resp. fabrics are not always impervious to pathogens.

More hygienic safety!
In all public environments.

Not only hospitals, nursing homes, social institutions and other sensitive environments are looking for ways to offer an improved hygienic safety. This wish extends to restaurants, hotels, offices, schools, universities, airports … to all environments where pathogens can spread rapidly. Transmission occurs, for instance, through the contact surfaces on chairs and tables.

We have a long-time experience in the field of hygiene, and more specifically, with regard to cleaning and disinfection. When it comes to hygiene in contract environments, we have acquired a reputation as experts. Since 2006, we produce hygiene-oriented furniture.

Benefit now from our know-how and experience.

NEW: Minimize the risk of infection through preventive hygiene. Find out more now in our new thematic brochure.

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Kusch+ Co Hygiene Competence

Project KARMIN

The scope of the research project KARMIN (hospital architecture, microbiomes and infections in hospitals) was to develop a prototype for a new type of infection-preventive patient room.

In their capacity as an industrial partner of this scientific project, Kusch+Co furnished the mock-up patient room with their products. The outcome is slated to be unveiled to the international public at the Berlin World Health Summit in the autumn of 2020. Amongst others, the room features an armchair of the series 3600/3650 Arn: the hygiene experts extensively tested the mechanical cleanability of the plastic and aluminium surfaces. Arn passed with flying colours.

The flyer “Hygienic safety series 3600/3650 Arn” provides more information about the special hygienic properties.