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Since 1939, our medium-sized business designs and manufactures upmarket seating and tables, which we delivered to numerous projects and developments by famous architects worldwide. The wide spectrum of our portfolio is characterized by high functional and aesthetic requirements, which are constantly adapted and fine-tuned to the wishes of our customers and as such, we upgrade our collection bit by bit. Especially in the furniture areas working, seminar, dining, waiting, travel as well as care, we have gained a profound expertise, and have built up an excellent reputation thanks to our high quality standards. In the segment “Airport Seating”, we rank among the world market leaders, having already furnished the waiting areas in over 260 international airports.


Office work is as diverse as the people who perform the tasks. Office work is also permanently evolving. The principle of “New Work” sets the tone for future office environments – i.e. digital, agile and sustainable. The digital transformation introduced modern and agile working methods, and as a result, new office layouts and interior design concepts – independent of the line of business or the brand name. Flexibility is key here. Add to this, the demanding requirements applicable to healthy office environments, where ergonomic workstations are the new benchmark. For this division, we offer a variety of series that meet all the requirements related to ergonomics and occupational health.

Kusch+Co collection for office environments is complemented by office furniture solutions by Nowy Styl. Together, the brands offer comprehensive portfolio for modern working worlds.

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Our portfolio encompasses stand-alone large-sized seminar tables or large-scale configurations in a variety of shapes, whether round, oval or rectangular. All these table variations are available with a plethora of power and data options as well as the incorporation of multimedia lids. Our table series range from folding tables to nesting tables all the way to table configurations. Geared towards a wide spectrum of distinct environments: variable conference or meeting room configurations, flexible seminar layouts – a virtually endless number of design options is available. The tables are functionally complemented by the seminar chairs – which are specifically designed for a wide variety of events, such as concerts, theatre, lectures or sports events. This seating is usually used in multipurpose rooms and assembly halls, where the chairs must be lined up and linked as cost-effectively and as compact as possible. We have furnished countless projects, ranging from assembly halls to conference and congress halls, all the way to entire stadiums. Kusch+Co boasts the expertise and knowhow to successfully realize these projects, and often works out bespoke solutions in close consultation with the customers.


Virtually every building has areas where people meet up. Either to dine together, to chat and catch up, or to simply relax. On the one side, there are the cafeterias and canteens in administrations and hospitals, universities and other social institutions. For these environments, we have the perfect seating and table series on offer. For instance, the series 3600 Arn, which is also suited for outdoor use.

On the other side, there is the seating used to adorn hotels and restaurants. In these environments, the comfort for the guests as well as the style and the ambiance they create play a decisive role. A fine example would be the series 3000 Njord, designed by Scaffidi & Johansen.


Waiting rooms as well as waiting areas can be found in medical practices, hospitals and clinics, not forgetting in public environments, buildings and administrations. Contract furniture, geared towards the use in waiting areas, must meet special regulations, for instance related to fire prevention, that also apply to the seating. Kusch+Co can look back on a long-time experience in this field, having developed a special fire prevention concept to that purpose. Equipped with this concept, the Kusch+Co seating has low flammability properties, and as a result they prevent an incipient fire from spreading out. The seating is self-extinguishing, reduces the smoke development, and does not turn into an additional ignition source. For instance, in the case of upholstered furniture, a special fabric “flamline” (approved by the building authorities and A2 nonflammable according to DIN 4102) is incorporated as a non-filling, flexible material between the upholstery foam and the cover.

Thanks to this concept, our seating are genuine all-rounders, ideally suited to furnish modern waiting rooms with design-oriented products, while at the same time, meeting all the current safety standards and regulations.


Encompassing airports, terminals for passenger liners as well as railway and bus stations. In our global world, these places are the gateways of our mobile society. Kusch+Co has established an excellent reputation in the field of Airport Seating, having furnished more than 260 international airports with their waiting benches, bench configurations or lounge seating. These series are specifically designed for the use in these environments and fulfil the stringent requirements with regard to safety, functionality, design, comfort and use value.

Their portfolio includes the time-tested Terminal benches as well as the upmarket bench series 8000. And with the launch of the bench and seat islands 8300/8350 V-Travel, they introduced a new generation of airport seating. On top of this, they boast a long-time experience and know-how in the field of planning and project management; a service which is appreciated by architects and project developers. Their portfolio also offers a wide range of elegant seating solutions for other airport environments, such as conference areas, restaurants, counters, tower, offices, and service areas.


Ancient civilizations were familiar with the healing properties of rooms – an aspect that has regained a seminal role in the interior design of hospitals and healthcare facilities. Special attention is given to the overall room atmosphere, with the aim of making patients – not forgetting the visitors and the nursing staff – feel at ease, secure, and comfortable. Next to the architectural aspects, the seating can be a key component to guarantee an agreeable hospital stay and to facilitate the work for the nursing staff. Specifically for these environments, we developed several heavy-duty, robust and easy-to-handle collections geared towards people with individual disabilities. Thanks to their experience, Kusch+Co is a strong and reliable partner in the furniture division care.

Our portfolio is functionally complemented by our solutions: the seating and tables of our kuschmed® Hygienic-Line have easy-to-clean surfaces, and therefore suited for hygiene-sensitive environments.

Fire Prevention – when equipped with the Kusch+Co, our seating offers more safety in case of fire.

Reduced Mobility – seating tailored to the needs and wishes of persons with reduced mobility, such as bespoke seat heights, complemented by functional accessories, such as a walking stick holder. Not forgetting the heavy-duty and design-oriented seating geared towards overweight persons.