Creva Table

Design by kaschkasch


Creva table – an extraordinary table series that succeeds in transposing the design aesthetics of home furniture to the office environments. Its minimalist design language is typified by round shapes and well-balanced proportions. The materiality of the natural material wood reinforces this aura. A multitude of ingenious features is incorporated into the table construction. The rail-free substructure offers plenty of legroom. The steel leg mountings with aluminium supporting beams combined with the steel lateral bars guarantee the best possible stability. The central joint in the table top can hold a variety of freely positionable power modules, view protection panels and trays. Creva table excels in versatility – ideally suited for either individual workstations or large-scale conference configurations, not forgetting the high tables. Geared towards a plethora of environments, from offices to staff restaurants and cafeterias, from recreation rooms to waiting areas, from meeting points to break-out areas.

The Designer