Design by Kusch+Co & Nowy Styl Design Team

beWise is the quintessential combination of design knowledge and experience. Defined by experts and actioned by the design team. It meets all the expectations that conference and seminar chair users have.

Lectures, training courses, seminars, and conferences are a way of acquiring knowledge, broadening skills, establishing business relationships. beWise is at the heart of such events. It creates a variety of needs and adapts to them.

Offices, hotels, conference halls, seminar rooms, lecture theatres, places of religious worship, hospital chapels, private schools, workshops, auditoriums in music schools – these are ideal locations for beWise. The wide product range enables the beWise chair to be matched to each of these spaces.

beWise. Just functional, smart solutions. Experience them all: wise connections, wise options, wise accessories and wise storage.

The Designer
Kusch+Co & Nowy Styl Design Team

    Kusch+Co & Nowy Styl Design Team