9200 Papilio

Design by Justus Kolberg

The butterfly, papilio in Latin, not only inspired the name of the series 9200: the movements of this dainty animal inspired the designer Justus Kolberg to encourage the users dynamically change their postures. All the variations show the clear trademarks of the designer Justus Kolberg: the clean lines are the hallmarks of task chairs as well as the complementary visitor and conference chairs, true to the teachings of the 21st architecture. In order to be suited for a wide spectrum of working environments, this series not only comes in a multitude of design and constructive variations – like a cantilever frame, an upholstered back pad, or a mesh back. On top of this, the task chairs boast easy adjusting options for the seat and armrests, as well as for the adjustable lumbar support in order to assure the best ergonomics at the office.