7300 Terminal

Design by Kusch+Co Designteam

Series 7300 Terminal is the fruit of the cooperation between three designers, who conceived this bench series specifically for upscale, much-frequented contract environments. In close consultation between Jørgen Kastholm (†) and the architects Eichinger & Loidolt, the outcome was a well-thought-out joint effort capable of meeting all the requirements. The specification requirements included the creation of a flexible bench module that reduces the amount of eye contact among the users, allowing them to wait in privacy. They came up with seat elements that can either be used as stand-alone seat islands or as bespoke configurations. The basic modules have distinct shapes: rectilinear, elliptic, long oval, and are optionally available with a backrest as well as linking elements. Series 7300 Terminal is ideally suited for shopping malls, shopping areas in airports, lobbies, hotels, or reception, recreation and waiting areas.