6000 São Paulo

Design by Norbert Geelen

Series 6000 São Paulo boasts an intentionally restrained design: clear-cut aesthetics featuring invisibly incorporated technology, and combined with an extraordinary ergonomics as well as easy handling. These task chairs unite all these attributes. For this series, the industrial designer Norbert Geelen got inspired by the namesake metropolis, and worked the characteristic trademarks of the Brazilian capital – a city bustling with life and brimming with dynamics, temperament and rugged good looks – into the series’ design language. The slender-looking, tapered backrest frame not only fulfils the aesthetic specifications, it also assists the spine through the incorporated adjustable lumbar support. All the operating elements of the dual synchronized mechanism are nearly invisibly incorporated underneath the seat. This technology allows the user to individually adjust the seat height, depth and inclination, preventing unhealthy postures. Next to the task chairs, the series São Paulo comprises a collection of visitor and conference chairs with matching design aesthetics, enabling a flexible and consistent interior design for all office environments.