5000 Pliéto

Design by Kusch+Co Designteam

A safe and secure folding table: thanks to the patented mechanism, the legs of Pliéto are folded out in a controlled manner. They are released with a handle, and are locked automatically when folded out. During the development of this functional table series, the Kusch+Co Designteam was meticulous about the space-efficient stacking properties. When the legs are folded down, rather than resting on top of each other, they are displaced asymmetrically to lie next to each other. Apart from a reduced frame height resp. vertical clearance, the tables featuring a square or rectangular table top can be fitted with modesty panels, table top connectors, as well as power and data modules. In view of the safe and easy handling, Pliéto is especially suited for the interior design of large multipurpose rooms and assembly halls.