3650 Arn

Design by Scaffidi & Johansen

Similar to the wooden-frame series 3600 ARN, the aluminium-frame variations boast the same architectural and minimalist trademarks of the Danish designer duo Antonio Scaffidi and Mads K. Johansen (†). However, 3650 ARN combines other materials, giving this product family a new look. The aluminium legs carry the characteristic plastic seat and backrest elements. The chassis not only holds the screw connections for the legs, but also those for the optional armrests as well as the optional upholstered seat pad. An ingenious solution for a seamless, uniform design and without risks. Handling is as easy as proverbial pie: all variations can be stacked and linked to each other. Thanks to the aluminium legs, series 3650 ARN is also well suited for outdoor use. On top of this, it can support a body weight up to 150 kg.

Animated film series 3600/3650 Arn