3600 Arn

Design by Scaffidi & Johansen

Commissioned to develop a chair boasting a minimalist design as well as a sophisticated construction, the designers Antonio Scaffidi and Mads K. Johansen (†) conceived a series geared towards the future and boasting all the qualities and features to become a design classic: 3600 ARN. For this series, the material wood enters into a harmonious symbiosis with high-grade plastic, creating a design-oriented and multi-purpose chair. Its intelligent construction is one of its most striking trademarks, amalgamating both materials and as such linking all basic components – being frame, seat and backrest – beautifully with each other. The plastic chassis is the pivot of this design, doubling both as platform and as functional element, and is the reason for this series’ extraordinary stability. Together with the seamlessly attached seat, the chassis is a high-tech and torsion-free construction. The solid wooden legs are invisibly attached to the chassis’ underside. Thanks to this restrained solution, this series mainly stands out for its minimalist aesthetics characterized by clean lines, small radii and seamless transitions.

Animated film series 3600/3650 Arn