2200 ¡Hola!

Design by Jorge Pensi

In 1996, the series 2200 ¡Hola! laid the cornerstone for a long-time and successful co-operation between Kusch+Co and the Argentinian architect and desigern Jorge Pensi, who now lives in Barcelona. This series is infused with his unmistakable design language. The outcome is a consummate all-rounder, suited for virtually all environments, that invites everyone to take a seat. The dynamically curved backrest reminds of a sail, and the numerous, appealing colours create just the right atmosphere. Both seat and back are made of high-grade, heavy-duty plastic, and therefore easy to handle and to clean. All variations – whether side chair or armchair, whether with or without upholstered pads – can be stacked or linked at will. On top of that, up to three seat shells can be incorporated in a bench frame: seat and backrest are fitted on a stable stretcher bar, upon request complemented with exterior armrests or bench tops for extra storage. The excellent functionality as well as the outstanding comfort level, not forgetting its timeless aesthetics, are the main reasons why this all-purpose series is still up-to-date after all those year.