2000 uni_verso

Design by Norbert Geelen

The name says it all! With uni_verso, Norbert Geelen designed a seating series that, through its appealing combination of the materials plastic and metal, is a universal all-round talent. The ergonomically shaped seat shell is characterized by gently curved lines, opening up invitingly to the user and protectively moulding to the body. Through the extremely slender silhouette, these variations boast a minimalist and slender appearance. The plastic seat shell is available in four different appealing colours as well as optional armrests, and can be mixed and matched with a range of distinct metal frames. Depending on the finish of the frame and the seat shell, the uni_verso variations are geared towards different environments. The graceful sled base can be stacked and linked together; the classic four-legged variations are suited for temporary outdoor use, and are able to carry a weight up to 150 kg. Thanks to the excellent cleaning properties, uni_verso is available in the kuschmed® Hygienic-Line.